by Angel W. 

This summer I worked at The Consortium MMT in the Talent Development Complex. At the TDC I worked as the Social Media Assistant. I learned a lot about the music business while working there. I want to thank Memphis Music Initiative for giving me the opportunity to work for a non-profit organization like the one I wish to start in the future.

The Consortium MMT taught me so much about the music business. I’ve learned the basics of what I will be learning in my first year of college. The Consortium has made me very sure that music business is the right major for me. On a day to day basis, I had a handful of things to do: I had to make sure we had things to post about everyday; I had to take pictures of talent that were in and out of our space; and I had to do video editing for special social media posts. I had a wonderful time helping with these tasks. I also had the privilege to meet David Porter, who founded The Consortium MMT and Talent Development Complex.

Through weeks of working at the TDC I’ve learned so many things. Photography composition techniques is one thing I’ve learned. I was shown the techniques for taking photos, from the rule of thirds to Centered Composition and Symmetry. Marketing foundations is another thing I learned while here. We mostly stayed in the social media side of it, but basically it taught me how to frequently post and when the users are most active. The next thing I learned here is the basics of Premiere Pro CC, which is a video editing software, in which you make videos for a project. Premiere Pro is like iMovie, but it’s more advanced. Another thing I’ve learned about is Insights. When making a profile for Instagram you can turn your account into a business one to see all of your Insights. The Insights tell you everything that had happened to your page, from how many people look at the page to the age and gender of who is looking at your page.

I also learned about how people in this industry work. While working this summer, a rapper named XXXtentacion was shot and killed. He had eight million followers the day he died. A day after he died his follower count went up to 10 million. His style of music gave him a following that people who has be working in the music business haven’t seen. People who are working in the business as a independent artist can get more or all of their earnings. While artists that are sign to a record label only see half of their earnings. I also got the chance to register for BMI, so that at any time I would like to write a song, I will have the rights to my lyrics. This summer has really taught me a lot, and I know I will take this knowledge with me for years and years to come.

Angel interned at The Consortium MMT.