by Kylen A.

During my summer interning for The Consortium MMT, I learned a lot about the music industry. Through learning everything from how copyrights work to how to mix my own tracks, I gained confidence in the process of chasing my dream. While working at the Consortium MMT, I was able to not just see but also work with some of the greats such as David Porter and James Alexander of The Bar-Kays. Being able to work around people like them helped motivate me and mold me into the artist/musician and record label CEO I dream to one day become. It also helped me network and connect with the people that could potentially be beneficial to me.

Working with Renisha Mayes, the Talent Development Complex Talent Engagement Coordinator, I was able to learn about the business side of music and just how artists get paid through their royalties. Doing things such as making a BMI account and watching videos on YouTube while taking notes, I was able to learn what all a record label CEO should know and it also helped me be a couple steps ahead for my college major. I love that I know these things about the music business because most kids my age doesn’t know about these things. This can make me reliable because people need to know these things and they will if they come to me for help, which could also help me network with many artists and also help me budget my own music so nobody will be able to take my money away from me.

Besides the fact that I learned a lot while working at the Consortium, everyone here is so friendly and nice. There is a very small staff of four people and that makes them close and feel like family. While being here I became part of that family in such a small time. I met people that I want to always keep in contact with. They motivate me to be great and helped me even when I thought I didn’t need it but I really did. I was around very creative people who were very open to showcase their talent which allowed me to do the same. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a young person in the music industry. As a young person I have reliable sources such as Instagram to help promote my music and while working here I learned different ways to promote my music the right way. Also as a young person I learned that my music has a lot of potential to speak for myself and it can motivate other people to do what I say within the music just because I’m a young person and this is the “wave” in which we live in.

This has been a very productive summer to me. I loved my work site such much that I want to come back and visit even when my internship is over with. I was able to learn and connect one on one with people that are already doing the things that I dream to do.

Kylen interned at The Consortium MMT’s Talent Development Complex.