June 1, 2016 - (Mike Brown/The Commercial Appeal)
June 1, 2016 – (Mike Brown/The Commercial Appeal)

My time with the Levitt Shell was an influential and also very educational experience for me. From the moment I was selected to participate in the apprenticeship, I knew that I was going to gain a lot of knowledge from working there for the summer. I have always loved watching the concerts, so being able to see how it is put together behind the scenes was a truly and utterly amazing sight to witness. From the moment that the lights went up and the speakers are turned on to the moment where everything was broken down was thoroughly informative.

Upon orientation, we received schedules that showed us what position we had and who will be supervising us. I was placed in audio. That was important to me because of my desire to know more about how the audio side of things works. I can recall our first day there: Observation Day. It was the first concert of the season. I felt like just another audience member, which was a good thing, of course! I was ten times as excited to get ready to work as I was before. My supervisors’ names were Dawn Hopkins and Matt Brown. They both were very patient with the all the interns in audio. Matt helped out a lot with making us a binder full of quick notes and diagrams containing audio-related things. I got to practice a stage layout. Dawn was more hands on about the way she taught, especially cables and making a visual representation of the way that sound travels.

This experience was personally important to me because of my future. I plan on majoring in journalism once I’m in college, so learning more about the technical part was a plus. I imagine myself starting from the bottom up, therefore all that I learned will stick with me and make the process even faster than before. Working at Levitt Shell has also given me a great work experience. This internship teaches you a lot about your presence and attitude in the workplace. It was even healthy for me because I became more active and began to drink more water than I used too. (I also got this really cool tan.)

The Levitt Shell helped me prepare for my future in various ways that were quite simple. Throughout life, a person will meet different types of people on a daily basis. Every concert, no matter what type of music, brought out people of all ages, skin colors, and personalities to the camaraderie of a family-oriented gathering. This experience is going to stay with me for the rest of my life because I learned so much about making the show happen. It also made me appreciate the concerts more: I saw firsthand that the concerts don’t just happen; that it it’s plenty of work put into for people to enjoy. It’s was a humbling experience for me because I’m used to being in charge. This internship made me realize how it can be okay to listen to someone else every once in a while. I am forever grateful for my time as an intern at Levitt Shell.