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018The MMI Works experience for me was amazing. The people I’ve met at MMI and Levitt Shell are very nice and I would recommend anyone and everyone to do this program because I would do it again. When I was put in my organization, I was so excited because all of those things were me: dancing, singing, and acting. Even though it was my first time having a job, I tried to stay on top of things. There were days where I was like, “I don’t know how to do this” but I pushed through it because I know that now I have work experience. I learned a lot about team work and saving money and I believe that will take me far just from being in the program. I believe the MMI program is good because it could help you get into college, and colleges will accept you once they see the things you have done and accomplished during your high school years.

I believe that everyone who has been in this program will go somewhere in life based on the program itself, which had amazing people behind it like Brittney, Cheryl , and Eric. I’m thankful for them and what they have done for me. I hope to be in the program for the next summer because I like working with people who encourage everyone to be great.

I liked helping out with plays at my organization, Memphis Black Arts Alliance. I was in the play as a camel and it was a good experience. I had to help out with the kids, making sure they were all ready to go on stage to perform. There were some amazing people acting, singing and dancing too. I did the MMI program because I don’t do much during the summer and I thought it could be something good to do. It was a good experience and I thank everyone for that.