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007My experience being in the MMI program has allowed me to meet different students around Memphis. Being in the program has introduced me to students who have unique talents, students who are not afraid to be themselves and students who are confident. The program brought us all together to show people that music is a big part of who we are, whether it is dance, general music, or choir.  Working with the Memphis Music Initiative and Brittney Bullock, the overseer of the MMI Works program, was great. She told us that we are unique and that we can use our talents to show and help others. Brittney, Cheryl and Eric told all of us that we are talented students. They have shown us that we can make our futures what we want it to be; we can go to college and pursue our dreams in whatever we want.

They have shown us that we can make things happen and that we can make our dreams come true if we work hard and put in the work and dedication and always be true to ourselves. This summer has had a big impact on me and I am sure that it will follow me all the days of my life. The MMI Works program has shown me a way that I can further my education and get into college. I hope many more young people my age can be introduced to this program to show them that they are special.