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by Marcus C. 

This summer was very extraordinary. I got to work at The Levitt Shell located by the Memphis Zoo. My experience working at there was extravagant because I got to work around many famous stars that travel all around the world performing different genres of music. My job was a videographer. I had to record the 50 Free Concert Series this summer. I also got to learn a lot of new things while having the task to record a live feed during these concerts. MMI has opened a plethora of doors that can encourage my talents. Working in that type of environment made me want to further stay in the music industry. It all started when I passed the application process and got approved to be in a work site around Memphis. I didn’t think this opportunity was going to put me in the position that I am in now.

Memphis Music Initiative provided me a job that could teach not only me self stamina, but it taught me leadership and responsibility. While working at The Levitt Shell, I was put in a group with four other friends that are also in the MMI program with me. I got a chance to experience the tough times while working in a group. We had some disagreements at times but we still managed to come together as one, and put on a good show for the crowd at the end of the night. I also faced many challenges that came my way this summer. For instance, there were many rainy days this summer, which means we have to take precautions because we are working with very expensive technology and equipment that we can’t afford to get anything wet nor damage. Same goes for hot sunny days. There were days where we got pushed behind schedule because it was so hot out at the top of the hill. By our equipment being high-tech and everything we still had to take precautions. So that’s an example of one of the challenges I had to overcome.

Being in that type of environment made me want to further stay in the music industry. I got exposed to many different types of genres of music for 50 nights, which I totally love! I really enjoyed filming these bands, who all put on an amazing 90-minute show. It’s fun because when the music is being played, it’s like it brings people together. No matter what color skin, race, or ethnicity they were, they came together and had a good time as one. Music brings people together and that’s one of the reasons why I loved being in that type of environment.

When I came to the program I felt like I was going to be out of place. But we all got to know each other better, every Professional Development day. I am very friendly and sociable, so by being in this program I got to interact with over 30 other kids that are my age. They were also put in different work sites around Memphis. We showed up and we showed out. MMI gave me chance to see and learn different things around Memphis that I have never known before.

One exciting thing about working in this program is, you get to learn something new every time we come together. And it’s very exciting because there was never a dull moment! So that is why my summer experience with The Levitt Shell and MMI was very extraordinary.

Marcus interned at the Levitt Shell.