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My time in the summer internship was very enlightening. It was something I really went into blind and I didn’t know what to expect. I remember the first day and the first time I was let known that I was accepted and I was a part of the group. I’m usually a very outspoken and friendly person so meeting new people is fun for me but at the same time I usually don’t like people because they’re judgmental. Although the MMI Works program was very accepting of anyone from any walks of life. I had never been a part of a group of people who didn’t know me but was so quick to be nice and be friendly with me. That made working that much more fun as I went into it I wasn’t alone because I had another MMI Works intern by my side, her name is Alicia.

I worked at Stax and they were really nice to me, even from the beginning. The coworkers treated me like a coworker, not a child. They all gave me the benefit of the doubt and treated me as a young adult which I loved. The work space was very comfortable and I learned a lot that I absolutely had no idea about before. I didn’t even know records had two sides until Stax. I mean, who knew other than people from that time? But all jokes aside, I really loved my time not only at Stax but also with the other interns. Everything we would do on each Wednesday during our professional development sessions was so inspiring and amazing that I looked forward to Wednesday every week. I can’t wait until next summer when I can reapply and try to be an intern again. I loved my time and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys music or wants to learn something new and meet new people.