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My experience working for Streets Music Factory this past summer was definitely one that I will both remember and cherish for years to come. My knowledgeable supervisor Rufus Smith bestowed onto me several things that have opened my eyes and allowed my musical intellect to grow and prosper. I learned how to put together an EP while routinely cleaning the facilities which really wasn’t very hard work. I absolutely loved how much time he gave us to complete each task and allowed us to freely voice our concerns and ideas that could make the camp better for the participants.

This freedom of expression also bled into the music he let me make during the summer as well. With every day that passed I grew both musically and mentally as Rufus also taught me many life lessons as well that were just as invaluable.

One thing that he taught me was to always take the high road. I had been going through a bad breakup and at this point during the summer and my musical ability multiplied in a way that was a catalyst to the newer stuff that I can create now. He inspired me to dig deep into who I was and become greater as an employee, person and artist. So I have to thank Rufus for all he has done for me and MMI for providing me with such an opportunity.

I love the freedom that MMI provided for the entire group and their ability to be flexible. I have knowledge now that could rival many going for the same position because of the opportunity I had from the MMI program.