2023 Virtual HBCU Auditions

Registration is now closed for the 2023 auditions.

We're excited to announce our third annual virtual HBCU music audition day! The auditions, scheduled for February 18, 2023, are open to all Memphis-area seniors in choir, orchestra, and band. Please spread the word to all the high school musicians in your life!

All schools represented are part of the Common Black College Application, which is free for MSCS students. Mentors are available to help with the college essay.

Audition Prep Videos

Pedro on Posture and Technique

MMI Fellow Pedro Maia discusses proper audition posture and technique.


Mersadie on Woodwind Technique

MMI Fellow Mersadie Wells discusses woodwind technique and preparing for auditions.


Randy on Collegiate Audition Techniques

MMI Fellow Randy Ballard discusses tips and techniques for successful collegiate auditions.


David on Posture, Poise, and Performance

MMI Fellow David Bassa discusses proper posture, poise, and performance for collegiate auditions (percussion).